6/14 Imperial Beefsteak Ticket

6/14 Imperial Beefsteak Ticket


Ticket price includes all food, beer & service charge. Whiskey available to purchase the night of the event.

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We're throwing a beefsteak - the Imperial Beefsteak!

Back in the mid-1800’s, the working class of New York would gather to celebrate with a proper beefsteak dinner – an all-you-can-eat banquet where guests eat with their hands, devour platter after platter of meat, & wash it all down with pitchers of beer.

Join us as we carry on tradition with our next Imperial Beefsteak on Friday, June 14th. All you can hold for under a hundred, and that means beef, beef, beer and even more beef. Ticket price includes food, beer, and service charge. Menu subject to change. Silverware & napkins optional.

Contact Marian at marian@imperialpdx.com for any questions or more information.