Fruit Christmas Tree Recipe


Base and Star:

  • 1 Pineapple
  • 1 Pear (slightly underripe)

Tree Decorations:

  • 1 lb Strawberries
  • 1 ½ cups Red Grapes
  • 1 ½ cups Green Grapes
  • ½ Cantaloupe
  • 1 Mandarin Orange
  • 6 oz Blueberries
  • 11 oz Blackberries (optional)
  • Fresh Mint Sprigs


  • Bamboo Skewer
  • Toothpicks
  • Knife
  • Star-shaped cookie cutter (optional, for cantaloupe star)


Prepare the Base:

  • Wash the pineapple and pear.
  • Using a knife, carefully cut a thin slice off the bottom of the pineapple to make it sit flat. You can also trim the sides slightly at an angle to create a more conical shape.
  • Push the bamboo skewer vertically through the center of the pineapple, from bottom to top.
  • Push the pear onto the exposed top end of the skewer.

Assemble the Tree:

  • Place the pineapple with the skewer on a serving platter.
  • Using toothpicks, secure them into the pineapple and pear at an angle outwards, creating a base for the fruit “branches.” You can break the toothpicks slightly for better positioning.

Decorate the Tree:

Larger Fruits:

  • Wash and hull the strawberries. If desired, cut them in half or thirds for easier placement.
  • Start by placing the strawberries on the toothpicks, pointy ends facing outwards, around the base of the pear. Layer rows of strawberries upwards, filling in gaps on the “branches”
  • Peel the clementine and separate the segments. Arrange them on the toothpicks.
  • Cut the kiwi into slices or wedges and add them to the tree using toothpicks.

Smaller Fruits:

  • Wash and pat dry the grapes. Add them to the tree by poking them individually onto toothpicks and attaching them to any remaining spaces on the “branches.”
  • Wash the blueberries and scatter them around the base of the tree to cover the serving platter and hide the toothpick ends.
  • You can also add blackberries for a more colorful mix, following the same method as the grapes.

Star on Top:

  • Cut a star shape out of the top part of the pineapple you sliced earlier. You can use a star-shaped cookie cutter for a perfect design.
  • Slide the pineapple star onto the top exposed end of the bamboo skewer.

Finishing Touches:

  • Wash the mint sprigs and arrange them around the base of the tree to add a festive touch and freshness.
  • Serve and enjoy your delicious and healthy Fruit Christmas Tree!


  • Use a variety of colorful fruits to make your tree visually appealing.
  • Choose fruits that are in season and ripe for the best flavor.
  • If you don’t have a bamboo skewer, you can use a long wooden dowel or a sturdy stick.
  • Get creative! You can use other fruits like kiwi, mango, or even starfruit slices for decoration.
  • For a dipping option, serve your fruit tree with chocolate or yogurt sauce.


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