How To Eat a Pomegranate

Eating a pomegranate can be an adventure! Here’s a step-by-step guide designed for a food site, along with tips to make it both enjoyable and less messy:

What you’ll need:

  • A ripe pomegranate
  • A sharp knife
  • A deep bowl
  • Optional: Paper towels or an apron


1. Score the Pomegranate

Place the pomegranate on a stable surface.

With a sharp knife, gently score the skin around the pomegranate’s “crown” (the knobby end). Don’t cut too deeply, just through the skin.

Now score lines from the crown down to the bottom of the fruit, following the pomegranate’s natural sections (you should feel slight ridges under the skin).

2. Break it Open

Place the scored pomegranate in a deep bowl filled with cold water. The water helps contain the juice and makes seed separation easier.
Gently break the pomegranate open along the scored lines. The fruit should naturally separate into a few sections.

3. Release the Arils (Seeds)

While submerged, use your fingers to loosen the fleshy, edible arils (the juicy, seed-containing parts) from the white pith (the bitter, spongy membrane). The arils will sink and the pith should float.

4. Scoop and Enjoy!

Skim the floating pith from the water.

Drain the bowl and transfer the arils to a clean bowl.

Eat the arils directly, being mindful of the seed in the center. You can either chew it (it’s healthy and edible) or discard it.


  • Wear dark clothing: Pomegranate juice can stain, so an apron or dark clothes are recommended.
  • Work over a sink: This will help for easier cleanup if things get juicy!
  • Turn it into juice: Pulse the arils in a blender and strain for delicious pomegranate juice.

Ways to Enjoy Pomegranate Arils

  • On their own: A delicious and refreshing snack.
  • In salads: Their vibrant color and tangy flavor add a punch to any salad.
  • Sprinkled on yogurt or oatmeal: A nutritious and tasty topping.
  • As a garnish: Adds a pop of color and flavor to savory dishes.
  • In cocktails: Makes a beautiful and unique addition to drinks.


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