March 2018 Imperial Beefsteak Takes Diners Back to 19th Century New York

We had a Beefsteak, an Imperial Beefsteak! 

On March 8th, Imperial hosted a group of thirty-three guests as they consumed all-you-can-eat beef, a variety of other vittles, and pitchers of beer. The carnivorous dinner was based off of the traditional Beefsteak dinners, which were "initially all-male gatherings in rustic taverns or dingy cellars where, sitting on crates or stools, they would sing, tell stories, eat steaks, and drink ale with abandon." The rules were simple: put on a suit, don your apron, forget the utensils, eat beef and drink beer, wipe your hands on yourself, and be a gentleman. Women joined the fray in the 1920s, and the dinners continue to enjoy popularity all over the country. 

We will be holding more of these gluttonous feasts! Stay tuned for future dates.

Here is what some beef-filled folks had to say about Imperial's Beefsteak:

Absolutely incredible, great food, great people, and great booze. Couldn't ask for more!

-Sam L.

Awesome food and idea for the overall meal - very fun vibe. Everything was delicious and well cooked. It was great to try something different. The beer was also excellent! Congratulations on a wonderful event.

-Elizabeth D.

The food was spectacular and plentiful, the beer was excellent and kept flowing, the company was fun to be with, and the bourbon topped off the evening perfectly. We had a great time!

-Robert W.

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